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Project Management

We oversee and ensure complex or large contracts are properly performed by your firm. We do this by keep extensive cost controls and organizing communications.

Shoppe Drawings

We have drafters on staff to audit and review your shoppe drawings for "build-ability". Need PE Stamps or support on bid documents, we are here to help.

Certified Payroll

Government sponsored projects or Wrap insurance jobs may require certified payrolls. We developed a software that generates this info from your timesheets.


Workers compensation audits will no longer give you anxiety. Send over the requests to us, and we will work through the information. We even suggest cost savings.

Job Costing

Do you think you should be making more on a project, but not sure where some of the money is going? We track costs and income with foreman generated info. Daily.

Union Reports

As former union employees ourselves, we know how complex union payrolls and documentations can get. We handle rate increases, contributions and other funds.

What our clients are saying

"I started a materials supply company a few years ago. I was going to get a partner, but before I closed, I connected with Scott at EIS.construction. He help me understand and successfully complete vendor credit and bank loans. Once funded, he helped set up my inventory codes, track in/out flows, invoice quickly, collect funds quickly and expand my business through a government certification designation of Disabled Veteran."
Chris Tessien
Owner at US Paratrooper Supplies
"Our business as been in the family for over 60 years. We have been doing well, but when we grew larger, we had all kinds of unforeseen issues. From digital file management, to collections, to remote work we were in over our heads. EIS.construction help by setting up an online platform for our entire team. Customizing for each user group. They are also experienced in complex payroll for unions, benefits, requisitions and audits. It's a great relief to have them on my team."
Teresa Sigler
Owner Rebar Steel Corp.